Friday, May 29, 2009

Keeping your eye on the prize

Is all about maintaining a rigorous and effective schedule.  Be sure to include down time for your mind and body.  Include exercise, meditation, and flexibility training, too.  Add self designed projects to your portfolio.  Take the time to create a goal board.  Use your cardiovascular training, steady state workouts as time to reflect and ask yourself important questions.  Don't fall into a morass of self pity.  Be positive.  Learn to meditate.  Learn a new skill that is relevant to what you want to do.  For example, I want to learn to speak Spanish because here in CA, that is a very useful skill to have.  Be confident in spending time on other projects such as home improvements.  There is no shame in having new tile in your bathroom or a vegetable garden.  Clean out your closets.  Donate those items that you don't need or want.  Release that energy so that you can receive the energy that you do want.  Between your last job and your next may be some time to volunteer or be an intern.  There may be time to dedicate to learning how to navigate by the stars or about the top five most common native flowers in your county.  This in between time may be just what you need to close any educational gaps that still bother you.  I do wonder if in this time of financially ebb, if all of us just needed a day off.

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