Friday, July 31, 2009

Beginner's Photography Kit

Here is a brief list of the things I keep in my photography kit for short day trips:

1. Camera body
2. Lenses
3. Filters
4. Lens pen/papers
5. White sheet of paper or something else for white balancing
6. Model release forms
7. Business cards 
8. Small floppy set of elephant ears or something that you can soften hot spots with

Non-camera stuff:

1. Water
2. Hat
3. Sunscreen
4. Money both paper money and about 3-4 dollars in quarters
5. A clean towel
6. Snacks in a small cooler with ice packs
7. Small first aide kit
8. Charged cell phone
9. GPS if you have one and a map book.  They are different, I recommend having both.
10.  Small notebook for jotting down ideas.
11.  Cheap digital watch (if you destroy it you won't care)
12. Change of clothes.  I know that seems like a lot, but if you end up knee deep in horse poop you might want to change!

One more thing, maybe a blanket to keep in the car, thats easily washed.  Gum/breath mints for after the taco break.  And, baby wipes.  

Thats the ideas I have, I'm sure that there are always other ideas, so feel free to post comments.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Kites!

Berkeley Kite Festival!Who, What, Where

Kite Festival

What a fun day!  May I just say, it is so much fun to be at the kite festival in Berkeley.  It was awesome!  There were Japanese kite makers.  There was food including Ben & Jerry's, Vegan, barbecue chicken, hot dogs, pretzels, and kettle korn.  There were so many children!  Everywhere!  There were stroller backups!  I had a blast taking video and photographs of everything.  It was very windy, sunny, and cool.  I was very lucky, I got to park close and only had to pay 10$.  There were choreographed kite ballets.  This is very serious business.  This includes music.  There was a dj/emcee.  There were vendors with hats, tee shirts, and jewelry.  Be sure to bring a blanket to sit on, sunglasses, sunscreen and water.  I am sure that I got some footage to add to my portfolio, I certainly got some great practice in.  I noticed that I could have brought my tripod after all.  It would have been nice because it was so windy that I was getting buffeted around.  I think I will go back tomorrow.  I was focused today and I think that I liked it!

Friday, July 24, 2009


No, seriously, stay focused on what you want and you may just get it.  Repeat after me, "I genuinely do what is best for me in all ways."  Got it?  This applies to everything.  We know when a situation is not right, so change it!  

Some of the things in my professional arsenal that require more attention include augmenting my portfolio, creating a new product, and bringing it to market.  What kinds of things do you want to show for the next year?  the next 6 months?  the next week?  the next hour?  How are you doing well by yourself?  How is what you are doing today going to fulfill who you are?  Think about it.  Every moment counts.  Its up to you which column it falls into, the column that is for you or the column that is against you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mid year review

I am pretty much in the same position I was at the beginning of the year, in the job pool. I am looking for work everyday.  I respond to every want ad that seems remotely related to any of my skill sets, just in case some one actually wants to hire someone like me.  I am working with my dad.  I am learning new skills.  I am improving my office skills by reading and practicing them.  I have a short term business plan designed to take me through the end of the year in producing my own pieces.  It is my intent to continue improving my job skills, to get a job, and to produce my own work for my business.  I truly hope and expect to be gainfully employed within 12 months to two years.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Broadening my horizons

A suggestion has been brought to me.  They have this idea that I should produce video segments which are reviews of different electronic gear.  The only impediment that I see to this is that I don't have the capital to invest in any gear at this point.  

Also, I am reading about management techniques, the finer points of secretarial work, and listening to free podcasts about how to speak Spanish.  In retrospect, I wish I had taken that language rather than French.  It would have been more useful.  I have some French ancestry and no Spanish, so at the time (kindergarten) when I made that choice it made sense.  I stuck with it through out high school and college.  Now, I'm trying to become more useful in the job market.