Sunday, July 22, 2012


Are you guys watching this show? You should be.  The underlying mythology is about a young faux legal intern/student named Mike.  Mike is a clever guy with an exceedingly adept ability to read and recall data.  He borders on the autistic although his nature most closely resembles a 20 year old guy with a loyal streak.  That loyal streak can get him into trouble when laid at the feet of those who would hurt him.  Mike's boss and mentor is named Harvey Spector.

The current story line lays out a very nasty and pointed attack on both the firm and Harvey.  Harvey is a what I would call a closer.  He closes deals, he wins, he looks great in a suit, and he also has a loyal streak.  He isn't the kind of guy that you just idly cross but he isn't the kind of guy that kicks dogs either.  His nemesis is Daniel Hardman.

The firm really does belong to Hardman.  His name is on the letterhead.  Apparently (spoilers!) Daniel was embezzling funds from clients and having extramarital affairs on the company's dime and the company's time.  This man is very clever and has returned from a 5 year sabbatical during which his wife passed away from cancer.  Having recently come clean about his indiscretions, he has returned to the firm intent on reestablishing himself as the rightful king, I mean attorney.  Harvey and his partner Jessica Pearson ran Daniel off because he was running the firm into the ground.  Also, they just didn't like him.

Apparently, an old sparring partner (I mean in the court room, no evidence of physical blows), has returned to bury Harvey.  A piece of evidence, a memo, has turned up barring the stamp/signature of Harvey's paralegal, Donna (played to great effect and affect by Sarah Raffety).  I think thats awfully convenient.

This brings me to my own predictions about what will happen on the show.  I just want to let everyone know that I do not work on that show, I have never worked on that show (wish I had!), and I do not nor have I ever been privy to any writer's meetings or producer's meetings.  No one calls me with the skinny on what will happen (darn them!).

I predict, I think, that what is happening is all a ruse designed by Daniel.  Its all a complete ruse.  He hired that old backstabbing jerk to fabricate the memo, hide it in the documents at the firm, and thusly effectively ruin Harvey's reputation.  Its a great way to destroy the firm all the while Daniel looks completely innocent.  After all, he wasn't even here, was he?

Clever.  Very clever.  Just my prediction.  I have not created any of these characters, all of this is paraphrased so that my comments make some sort of sense.  Again, if you aren't watching this show, you should be.  Its a lot of fun.  Even when you hate a character its so much fun that I save my best chocolates for this show.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Donner Lake Pix

My meetup visited Donner Lake in CA last weekend. It is very close to Truckee. They have a museum called "The Old Jail."

Fun Photogenic Events in the greater Sacramento/El Dorado HIlls Region

Clarksville Day link to Clarksville Day website Its on May 5th, 10 am to 3 pm.  It looks like fun, opportunities for photos.

The Green Lantern

My parents and I went to see The Green Lantern today. We really enjoyed the movie. Ryan was very entertaining and delivered both comedic timing and physical comedy. I highly recommend this movie if you enjoy comic books, action films, or appreciate big budget movies. The graphics were fun and inventive. The entire script was very creative. I especially liked the humorous take on the 'mindful' defense techniques such as the automobile. I hope that they make more Green Lantern movies.

The bad guy was more than a bit frightening. I do not think that kids under the age of 10 should be watching this. There are big teeth, people do get killed and I could see youngsters having nightmares for a week.
It has been a really long time since I have posted.  I don't suppose that any body reads this blog.  Still, here I am.  I have been enjoying my Star12 membership.  The classes that I have gotten the most out of include how to deal with difficult people, assertiveness, and MS Excel.  I've been thinking about getting my MOS in Sharepoint and Excel.  I'm definitely leaning towards the IT side of things.  It would appear that the world will continue to tilt in that direction and I have decided to be a participant rather than an observer.  That is the assignment for this week: in what way are you participating in society?  Are you an observer or participant?  Are you like one of those 'Watchers' from Highlander?  (ok, I am dating myself there.)