Wednesday, May 11, 2011

UpScale McDonald's?

I just watched a short video on yahoo about the new proposal/plan of McDonald's to upscale their restaurants. Apparently, they will be adding flatscreen tvs and changing the paint to a more muted palate. I don't know that I personally would care one way or another. The decor was not the driving factor for me to ever stop at a McDonald's. The times I have stopped, were always out of necessity. They went to a lot of trouble to enhance their menus some time ago, by adding really excellent salads with Newman's Own Salad dressings. Those are great. They taste good and are good for you. I know that I can go almost anywhere in the US and get something that is healthy and predictable for a low price. I find McDonald's to be very pleasant. It would be ok with me if they added those big screen TVs, but really, I don't go there to watch TV. I have a TV at home (or in my hotel room, if I am on the road.) I can get my meal to go. I'm not sure that what they are trying to do is really more than the routine face lift that all businesses go through to keep themselves looking trim and nice. You don't want your restaurant to look shabby and these days, a flat screen tv just isn't that expensive, especially if you are buying them in McDonald's bulk size purchases. Its ok for McDonald's to be aimed at the child's market. Thats fine. I think part of the appeal of Starbucks, is that there are very few children. Sometimes, you just don't want to deal with youngsters and I hope that McDonald's understands that their market is inherently different than Starbucks.