Monday, May 11, 2009

keeping the eye on the prize

I applied to a part time job this morning.  I am willing to take a part time position because that will still give me enough time to still work on my photography and music.  Its a technical/assistant position and I think that I am qualified.  I am good with following instructions, working with people and I have a background in tutoring.  Over all I am a great candidate.  However, there are people who are more technically proficient than I am.  I consider myself to be a user rather than an innovator.  I learn each piece of gear that I need to know and I use it.  I do not have an endless supply of gear knowledge in my head.  I'm not so sure thats a necessity anymore anyway.  Each setup is different.  Each camera is different.  I was listening to TWIP over the weekend as I ate some weeds and one of the photographers (forgive, I'm forgotten which one) said that he still uses his Canon 10D because why upgrade a camera body when you would need to relearn everything and all you get is a few new features.  I agree with that.  I think you learn the gear you have and from there are able to help others with that setup.  Well, thats one more prospect in my job quest.  

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