Monday, May 18, 2009

Job Search 2009

I spent the morning online searching for new job listings.  I found one that I sent a resume to and I returned a phone call to another.  I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow.  I am optimistic about this prospect.  I have a peculiar set of skills that dove tails with the job as described to me on the phone.  I choose to remain cool and calm.  It is not necessary to become excited about an interview.  Its been my experience that you get the job that you are supposed to get.  I also read the article posted on Sac about how to prepare for a job interview.  I have looked at the company's website and they seem to be reputable.  The gentleman on the phone seemed to indicate that they had proprietary software for me to learn, so I did not already need to know the software prior to walking in the door.  Also, the website displayed a diverse company, that is important to me because I am native American.  Also, its a full time position and within driving distance.  The hours quoted to me on the phone seemed more than doable.  I have worked very grueling hours before, that is an experience that I do not care to repeat.

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