Thursday, February 19, 2009

On with the second phase

Of this project.  I will commence project sort it all out tomorrow.  I spent the day shopping and inquired about some jobs.  I have procured an application for a local retail store which I happened to love.  The young man said that they did not have a job opening but that they were always accepting applications.  I expect to be in job hunt mode next week.  I will update my resume and haunt all of the locations that I know.  I will also be augmenting my skill set specifically with computer applications.  My long term goals are still to be a personal coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor.  I hope to continue with my photography and a product concept which would combine all of my interests, strengths and skills.  I am comfortable, lucky, and I am so very grateful for this odd hiccup in history which has jostled me out of what could have been a boring and stressful existence.  Vive la difference!

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