Monday, February 23, 2009

The mid point

I am more than half way through the second phase of this current project.  I am close to the end and gladly anticipating my next project.  Life is a beautiful thing when you have a plan.  I am mulling over ideas and brainstorming about my new product.  This product is unique because I will be primarily working on my own.  I have all of the requisite skill and my kit is primed.  The only variable will be the market and whether or not I will find a good steady stream of paying customers.  In any event it will give me a new set of pieces for my portfolio and additional experience in a relatively low key, low stress environment.  I will work on this project while simultaneously looking for additional paying work.  

Life is looking good.  I am optimistic and very lucky about where I live, my room mates, and my business.  Many have not faired as well as I have in this economic down turn.  I have become very frugal.  I am postponing frivolous purchases.  I am waiting until I can afford fun and games before I purchase them.  I am not buying a new car, another video camera, or more fitness equipment right now.  I would love to buy some more workout DVDs from Cathe Friedrich, however, that can wait.  I am more than well equipped to continue with my work, my quest for fitness, and I have plenty of inexpensive ways to be entertained.  I have a good local library to visit, book shelves full of things to read and a netflix account.  What more could I possibly want?  I even prefer cooking for myself.  I have plenty of painting supplies, more than I could possibly go through in a year.  I even have plenty of vitamins in the cupboard, I could go a year before I have to go back to Costco for another installment on that front.

They say that the best things in life are free.  For me that is really true, I love hiking and visiting with friends.  As mid points go, both in my life and my career, I am loving this one.

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