Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its a blustery day in data entry land

Its raining, windy, and cloudy.  I am sitting comfortably, computer on my lap, and scanner at my side.  Data to be scanned and ocr.  Then, tomorrow its sorting.  That should only take one day.  Hopefully this project will be complete at that point.  Once finished I will revamp my resume and commence project "Find a new revenue source."  Life is a beautiful thing and I will be able to enjoy more of that beauty once I have a paying gig and can relieve my elderly mother of her financial worries.  I am using The Secret, Simple Steps, and positive thinking.  My next project will include a goal board.  I've created a digital one, then I will make a physical one.  It consists of photos of things I want in my life.  That includes financial success, a vital practice as a personal coach, personal trainer, and therapist, as well as some material things I want.  Keep praying, keep visualizing, and know that your point of view counts.

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