Monday, April 20, 2009

TFA update

I did not get that position.  I don't think I gave the right answers in the interview.  Thats ok.  It gave me an opportunity to get my resume and references together for my next round of job searches.  I enjoyed the interview process and met several fun people.  My interview was held in Stanford and I stayed in Palo Alto.  I spent the evening before taking floral photographs at the Whole Foods Market.  I was very happy with that group of photos.  I love taking pictures.  My dream job would be working for the feds or the state taking photos of government land all over the country, just documenting what work they are doing for posterity's sake.  I don't know if such a job exists.  I think I would be good at that.  I am fairly good with composition.  I know how to use a tripod and how to use aperture mode.  I am still working on having a really good understanding of all of the parameters which affect a photographic image.

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