Monday, April 20, 2009

The Davis Aroboretum

Is a lovely place to take photographs.  Its about 3 or 4 miles of a loop around a creek that runs through UC Davis campus.  Its very sunny.  You will need to stop down quite a bit.  The redwood grove is very beautiful.  There are several sections of the garden with a variety of plant life.  The wild life primarily consists of turtles and ducks.  The ducks are fearless.  There is a lot of shade from the redwood trees.  I enjoyed the day with the photography meet up.  I met several highly skilled photographers and I hope that I made a few friends.  We had our lunch on the picnic tables under the redwood canopy.  The parking was free on Sunday.  We parked in lot 5.   I brought one bottle of water.  I recommend bringing several bottles of water, sunscreen, a sun hat, and clothing that covers your limbs and protects you from the sun.  I had all of that and I still put some aloe on my face last night.  I really enjoyed the location and I highly recommend it.

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