Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Folsom Lake College Job Fair

I attended the FLC job fair today.  I spoke to many different organizations looking for volunteers.  I also spoke to Macy's, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and the police department.  I found several experience opportunities for administrative work support.  I think that may be a good way to get some more references locally.  I also found some opportunities to work with the hospice care and with autistic children.  There was a representative from Chapman university as well as a representative from Waldorf.  I don't know that I found a job today.  But, I did find out that FLC is a pleasant campus and that it is already summer here.  I am tired out from the level of sun this morning.  I wore sunscreen.  I had several copies of my resume but did not hand out any of them.  I will continue to look for work and I am also adding to my skill set.  Life is good and I am keeping my spirits up.

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