Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The 40D

My dad has ordered a new camera, the Canon 40D.

It arrives some time this week.  We ordered it off of B and H.  This means that his 20D will become permanently mine.  That is very exciting.  We had been sharing.  It was so funny when he looks at my brother and says, does she really need a camera?  And my brother looked at him completely dumbfounded.  He was speechless.  Looked at Dad like clearly Dad was nuts.  The image of the butterfly is one that I captured in Canada over the summer.  That was my first photographic trip.  I spent one week in Canada and one in Seattle.  I liked the butterfly gardens the best but I did also spend time in the Butchart and also the Abekhazi.  Both were fine places to shoot florals.  

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