Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sometimes a journey includes lots of twists, turns, round back on itself, 'gee that wasn't such a good idea' tangents. Its quite rare to have a straight path from over weight to that final destination, weight maintenance. Its like Sandra Ahten says in her Reasonable Diet podcast, "Thats ok." Its ok that its not linear or that you don't lose weight at a steady 1-2 pounds per week. Yeah. Thats ok. But you know what isn't ok? Expecting your body to be thinner when you aren't even trying. If you are doing everything right, then you need to switch it up, I know thats a broken record. Everybody says it. For me that meant taking a break. For 6 months or so I ate at my bmr. I weighed/measured. I only ate 400 calorie meals. I did my exercise. I did not lose a single pound. I just reset my body. I stopped the low calorie diet days. I ate mostly clean food. Then, come this month I went back to my calorie cycles. I am setting my intent to charge downwards toward my maintenance weight.

The last year was not a failure. It was a vista off the highway. I took a rest. Now, I'm ready to be back in it. Last year I weighed in just once a month. This year, as soon as my tummy settles down, I plan to go back to weighing in 3x a week. In the beginning of the month I had some See's candy from my stocking, I had some organic dark chocolate ice cream and some corn chips (natural, no weird flavoring.) But as of today, I'm setting the treats aside for a more reasonable diet. I may have a commercial meal out due to professional requirements or I might just carry a little cooler with lots of cut up veggies, fruits and home made dressing with those little ice packs that kids have.

The concept of a reasonable diet is basically setting aside all or nothing thinking. You set up a plan for yourself with several back up options that accommodate the possibility of real life getting in the way. Doing the very best that you can is a lot more effective than only doing something if it will be perfect. Some is much better than none. Pointing in the right direction is better than pointing in the wrong direction. Try asking yourself before you eat something or before you plan your day, what would the most reasonable and best choices that I could make just for today be? Not the perfect ones. Not the 'I will never have a chip again or I will never have chocolate again.'

My reasonable plan for today included acknowledging my soreness, so I'm walking not running. I had oatmeal for breakfast (GF, steel cut.) I had an apple with two pieces of home made chicken. That was easy for me, the chicken was already cooked. Try looking for the easy. Often it just pops right up.

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