Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Can you believe it????? They cancelled Caprica!! Why couldn't they have just aired the last 5 episodes? What harm could that possibly have done? I love that show and I am deeply disappointed in Syfy for not supporting it enough. It is a complex, story driven show that requires more than two brain cells put together to follow. I realize that this may require more intelligence than the demographic that Syfy has grown accustomed to, but do they really need to kill it? I deeply regret that Syfy is mostly fantasy driven and that they are taking away the best example on their network of actual science fiction.

I really enjoyed the many layered symbolism throughout the whole piece. The score was impeccable. The acting lacked for nothing. Nuance abounds throughout each element. The graphics were excellent. The references to Greek mythology, Japanese drama, Farenheit 451, terrorism in our own world, and early Christian history were not lost on me and made it a much more entertaining television drama than the average spy or cop driven show. It was more than just another hospital drama, it was a commentary on where we might be heading. Was that the problem? Did it cut too close to the bone?

The only thing that the writers on Caprica could have been doing wrong was degrading into day time drama land. The first season was definitely better than the second. I wish they had written it like a mini series or like a tele-novella with a clear beginning, middle and end. I really want to know what happens to the Graystones, Zoe, the Adamas (other than young Adama becomes Admiral Adama, I do know that.) I became a fan of Sasha Roiz, its impossible not to watch him when he is on the screen.

Does everything have to be for the average students? What about those of us at the top of the class? Where is the entertainment for us? Don't we have money too? Can't your advertisers figure out that we eat, sleep, wear clothes, buy cars, computers and entertainment just like everyone else? We do! We really do! I may be above average, and Caprica may be a show intended for people like me, but darn it, we have money and don't we deserve a fair shake? I think the Syfy channel would be in much better shape if they were in the habit of presenting actual science fiction on a more regular basis. I suspect that Caprica didn't pull the ratings they were looking for because there hasn't been much of precedent for such a program on the Syfy channel, not enough people really knew to look for it.

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Almost Precious said...

SyFy has hurt me to the core on more than one occasion. For them to call themselves the Sci-Fi station is a farce, perhaps that's why they changed it to SyFy. Please let me know if you can figure out what "Smack Down Wrestling" has to do with Science Fiction. Most of SyFy's movies are of the horror genre and are not remotely related to Sci-Fi.

I loved Babylon 5, it was well scripted and had layers of intrigue and innuendo; it too had religious and biblical references. The creators of B5 had grown tired, gotten itchy to bring out something new and the last few seasons of B5 showed it. I had hoped they would have tied up all the loose ends but they left the show's followers disillusioned and wondering. I would have loved to have seen the series with a beginning, a middle and a satisfying and conclusive ending. A ending that took care of the many characters that I had come to know and care about. Talking about characters, B5 had some fantastic actors. One of my favorites, Andreas Katsulas. played the part of G'Kar. His character went through such a metamorphosis from being the villain to being the victim, his dialogue was at times poetic and soul wrenching and with his background as a professional Shakespearean actor he knew well just how to present them.

Unfortunately the last season of B5was a mess, I wanted to wring necks and scream until I turned blue in the face. The new show that they just could hardly wait to replace it with "The Rangers" (or something like that) was insipid and had no appeal and hardly lasted one season before it was cancelled.

Then there was quirky "Farscape", presented from the land down under. SyFy wouldn't renew their contract with them for new episodes.
They've let the "Dr Who" series completely slip by them as well as the update of Red Dwarf. I often wonder why they even bother to call themselves the SyFy channel ?

Yes Caprica was a fantastic show, complex, multi layered ... perhaps too sophisticated and intellectual for SyFy's sophomoric mentality.
Forgive me for going on so but this is a sore subject with me. :(